Rare Book Hub Privacy Policy

The Rare Book Hub understands that privacy is important to you, and we take that concern seriously. The following is our privacy policy, and by joining the Rare Book Hub, you acknowledge your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to accept the terms of this privacy policy, you should not join the Rare Book Hub.

Information Gathered.

The Rare Book Hub (hereinafter called the “RBH”) gathers certain information when you sign up. Examples of this information are your name, address, email address, plus a series of questions in our questionnaire covering such items as your collecting habits and other things. We also ask your telephone number, but this is an optional field (you do not need to fill it in) and we do not conduct telemarketing sales campaigns. When you sign up for any of our paid services, or purchase any products we may offer, we naturally collect your credit card information as well.


“Cookies” are small identifiers our website, like many others, place on your computer for identification purposes. For example, it’s a “cookie” that allows us to know our site has been accessed from your computer, so you don’t have to log in or enter your password every time you visit us from your computer. “Cookies” automatically provide us with certain information such as your IP (internet protocol) number. Most computers will allow you to disable the acceptance of new cookies, or tell you when one has been received. Consult your computer’s “Help” menu. There is also software available to disable cookies. However, disabling cookies will prevent you from taking advantage of certain benefits offered by this website and others, such as not having to log in every time you visit.

Use of Information.

We may use the information we receive from you to better understand our members and/or to promote certain products. For example, we might notify you of a book sale taking place in your area. We pledge to keep these limited in number – no more than an occasional mailing. Such advertising and mailings help make it possible for us to offer many services free and others at a very reasonable cost.

Sharing of Information.

We do not often share personal information we have about you, although there are times this may be necessary. We may send you emails on behalf of others, but we will not give your email address or other information about you to those outside parties if we do. We will send those emails ourselves so that your email address and other information remain private. Of course, there may be times when we are compelled to turn over information. For example, if we are required by legal authority to turn over information we will comply with those demands. Legal disputes between the RBH and a member may require us to turn over information. In the unlikely event that such information may aid in preventing fraud or protecting the rights, property, or safety of some person, persons or organizations, we may choose to share some information with others. For example, an order placed by a member with a stolen credit card may lead us to share information about that account. Enforcement of our “Terms of Service” may also lead us to turn over certain information. Outside parties who store data, process credit card transactions, provide technical and other assistance with our website or business, and the like, will receive or have access to certain data from us. Some employees of the RBH may see information you have provided us. In the event of a transfer of the business, the acquiring company would have access to information held by the RBH. And, while we provide a secure site and appropriate firewalls, there is always a risk that a “hacker” will devise a way around those protections to steal data.


We are particularly aware of concerns about children. So as to avoid any risk of data concerning younger users of the AE being intercepted, children should have their parent or guardian open an account in their behalf at the AE. This is a requirement for all children 13-years-old and under.