Arader Galleries's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 NOEL, E. B. And CLARK, J. O. M. A History of Tennis. Oxford 1924 4,000.00
2 HENDERSON, Robert W How Old is the Game of Racquets? With a Note On a "Ghost" Print of the Game New York 1936 375.00
3 JOUTEL, Henri (ca 1640-1735). A Journal of the Last Voyage Perform'd by Monsr. de la Sale to the Gulph of Mexico, to Find Out the Mouth of the Missippi River. 13,500.00
4 JEFFERYS, Thomas (1719-1771). The Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in North and South America 24,000.00
5 JOUTEL, Henri (ca 1640-1735). Journal Historique Du Dernier Voyage Que Feu M. De Sale Fit Dans Le Golfe De Mexique , Pour Trouver l/embouchure, & Le Cours De La Riviere De Missicipi, Nomme a Prefent La Riviere De Saint Louis, Que Traverse La Louisiane Paris 1713 22,000.00
6 MAILLARD, N. Dorand The History of the Republic of Texas from the Discovery of the Country to the Present Time; And the Cause of Her Seperation from the Republic of Mexico. 11,500.00
7 KENNEDY, William Texas: The Rise, Progress, and Prospects of the Republic of Texas 37,500.00
8 [MEXICAN WAR]. CONNER, Philip Syng Physick Conner (1837- after 1903). The Home Squadron under Commodore Conner in the War with Mexico, being a synopsis of its services. (With an addendum containing Admiral Temple's Memoir of the Landing of our Army at Vera Cruz in 1847). 450.00
9 RIZZI-ZANNONI, Giovanni Antonio (1736-1814). Atlas Geographique et Militaire Ou Theatre De La Guerre Presente En Allemagne 2,250.00
10 LOPEZ, Tomas de Vargas Machuca (1730-1802). Mapa Geografico De La Provincia De Salamanca Madrid 1783 1,800.00
11 ROBERTS, David (17961864) The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia 165,000.00
12 VANDERMAELEN, Philippe (1791-1869). Atlas Universel De Geographie Physique, Politique, Statistique et Mineralogique Sur L'echelle De 1/1641836 Ou D'une Ligne Par 1900 Toises 65,000.00
13 GAUGUIN, Paul (1848-1903) - MEIER-GRAEFE, Julius (1867-1935). Noa Noa 3,500.00
14 WRIGHT, George Lawn Tennis: Hints to Beginners Boston 1903 250.00
15 PEILE, S. C. F.; R. D. Sears, Ed. Lawn Tennis as a Game of Skill. With Latest Revised Laws as Played by the Best Clubs New York 1885 800.00
16 MILES, E. H Racquets, Tennis and Squash New York 1903 300.00
17 BAJOT, [Louis-Marie]. Eloge De La Paume, et De Ses Avantages Paris 1806 6,000.00
18 BAJOT, [Louis-Marie]. Eloge De La Paume, et De Ses Avantages. Sous Le Rapport De La Sante et Du Developpement Des Facultes Physiques Paris 1854 1,000.00
19 PFINTZING, Melchior (1481-1535). Die geuerlicheiten und eins teils der geschichten des loblichen streitbaren und hochberumbten helds und Ritters Tewrdannckhs. 27,500.00
20 MARSHALL, Julian (1836-1903). The Annals of Tennis London 1878 1,500.00
21 PRESCOTT, William H. (1796-1859). History of the Conquest of Mexico, With a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conquerer, Hernando Cortes New York 1843 200.00
22 WHITTOCK, Nathaniel. The Art of Drawing and Colouring from Nature, Flowers, Fruit, and Shells; to which is added, correct directions for preparing the most brilliant colours for Painting on Velvet, with the mode of using them; also, the New Method of Oriental Tinting. 1,650.00
23 DE L'ISLE, Guillaume (1675-1726). "De L'Isles Works and Other Mapps" 175,000.00
24 ANGAS, George French (1822-1886). The New Zealanders Illustrated. 21,000.00
25 [LEWIS, Meriwether (1774-1809) and William CLARK (1770-1838)]. Travels in the Interior Parts of America; Communication Discoveries Made in Exploring the Missouri, Red River and Washita, By Captains Lewis & Clark, Doctor Sibley, and Mr. Dunbar; with a Statistical Account of the countries Adjacent. London 1807 5,000.00