Arader Galleries's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 LAMBARDE, William (1536-1601). The Perambulation of Kent. Containing the Description, History and Customs of that County. 1,500.00
2 CATLIN, George (1796-1872). Nord-Amerikas Indianer. 5,800.00
3 SCHMIDT, Carl E. A Western Trip Detroit 1904 10,000.00
4 Lear, Edward (1812-1888) Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots London 1832 275,000.00
5 SCHOBERL, Frederic (1775-1853) and J. & J. LORY. Picturesque Tour from Geneva to Milan, by Way of Simplon: Illustrated with thirty six coloured views of the most striking scenes. engraved from designs by J. and J. Lory. 4,800.00
6 [COMSTOCK LODE]. Views of the Works of the Gould & Curry Silver Mining Company, Virginia City, N. T. 25,000.00
7 Franzini, Major Marino Miguel (1779-1861) Carta Reduzida do Golfo Adriatico dedicada a S.A.R. Principe Regente N.S. por Marino Miguel Franzini Primro Tenente da Armada Real Lisbon 1799 75,000.00
8 KOREA. Korean Pocket Atlas Korea: 19th-Century 12,000.00
9 (Woods, Colonel George) Survey and Town Plan of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 1784 275,000.00
10 QUAD, Matthias (1557- ca 1609). Novi orbis pars borealis, America scilicet, complectens Floridam, baccalaon Canadam. 3,200.00
11 BUFFON, Georges Louis Marie Leclerc, Comte De (1707-1788). Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux. 250,000.00
12 HARRIS, John (1667-1719). The Description and Uses of the Celestial and Terrestrial Globes; and of Collin's Pocket Quadrant London 1703 750.00
13 CUSHING, Edward Hopkins (1829-1879). The New Texas Reader. Designed for the Use of Schools in Texas 18,000.00
14 [LANGWORTHY, Asahel (died 1835)]. The Constitution of the Republic of Mexico, and of the State of Coahuila & Texas. Containing also an Abridgement of the Laws of the General and State Governments, Relating to Colonization. 8,500.00
15 HOLLEY, Mary Austin (1784-1846). Texas. Lexington, KY 1836 14,000.00
16 WOOLWORTH, James M. Nebraska in 1857 12,000.00
17 [Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo]. Tratado De Paz, Amistad, Limites y Arreglo Definitivo Entre La Republica Mexicana y Los Estados Unidos De America, Firmado en Guadalupe Hidalgo el 2 Febrero de 1848,... Esposicion Dirigida a Supremo Gobierno por los Comisionados...Tratado De Paz 8,200.00
18 [LAWRENCE, A. B. (attributed)]. Texas in 1840, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New Republic; Being the Result of Observation, Enquiry and Travel in That Beautiful Country. By an Emigrant, Late Of the United States 8,000.00
19 [Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo]. Tratado De Paz, Amistad, Limites y Arreglo Definitivo Entre La Republica Mexicana y Los Estados Unidos De America, Concluido Por Los Pleniptenciarios en Guadalupe Hidalgo El 2 De Febrero, Ratificado En Washington El 10 De Marzo, y En Queretaro el 30 de Ma 7,500.00
20 BOUGAINVILLE, Hyacinthe-Yves-Philippe-Potentien, Baron de (1781-1846). Journal de la Navigation Autour du Globe de la fregate La Thetis et de la corvette L'Esperance pendant les annees 1824, 1825 et 1826. 65,000.00
21 CREVECOEUR, Michel Guillaume St. Jean de, [later: J. Hector St. John de ] (1735-1813). Voyage Dans La Haute Pensylvanie et Dans L'etat De New York, Par Un Membre Adoptif De La Nation Oneida. Traduit et Publie Par L'auteur Des Elttres D'un Cultivateur Americain. Paris 1801 10,000.00
22 REDOUTE, Pierre-Joseph (1759-1840) - CANDOLLE, Augustin Pyramus de, (1778-1841). Plantarum succulentarum historia, ou Histoire naturelle des plantes grasses. 24,000.00
23 HARTMANN, Louis and Jean-Baptiste MILLARD Le Texas, ou Notice historique sur Le Champ d'Asile 8,500.00
24 [STILLE, Charles J., editor]. A History of Texas, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New Republic, By a Resident Emigrant, Late from the United States. With a Brief Introduction By the Rev. A. B. Lawrence, of New Orleans. 3,200.00
25 Godfrey, Edward Settle (1843-1932) Autograph Letter Signed from Edward Settle Godfrey, 2 Pages, Cookstown, N.D., November 2, 1914, to Robert M. Wright, with transmitting Envelope and Newspaper Clippings N.p. 1914 12,000.00