Libbie Auctions, long missing, are reappearing!

- by Bruce E. McKinney


40 Years of New England Auctions

The Libbie Auction Sales, long missing, are earning their rightful place among the important American auction houses.  They lived and worked in the shadows of Bangs, Anderson and American auctions in New York during their heyday – 1878 to 1919.  They dominated New England sales and they were based in far off Boston.


Their importance was captured in American Book Auction Catalogues but in the older auction record services didn’t often capture their lot details.


We have made a commitment to build a complete priced archive to remember and celebrate their history.


We are currently offering 34,633 records of their auction lots and are expecting to post another 250,000 by late summer.


Their particular strengths were New England and State of New York material from important collections significant from collectors and collections.


If you would to follow their history on Rare Book Hub, while logged in, go to the advanced search and select CF Libbie under SOURCE.  Then run search and you’ll be in Libbie’s world.


If you have any Libbie catalogues we are always buying them.  Once this project is complete the collection of their catalogues will be transferred to an institution.